What is “Productivity Skill”?

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Hey, welcome! Facing the following issues? if yes, don’t worry! in this article we will discuss what is Productive skills. sure this will solve your problems.


  • Don’t know what is exactly ‘Productive skill means.
  • Don’t know exactly the problems that will arise, due to lack Productive skills.
  • Don’t know best tips that help for improving Productive skills.
  • don’t know the benefits of Productive skills.

And in this article, I’d like to solve these three issues. So I have divided the whole content into the following segments:


  • Introduction
  • Definition of ‘Productive skills.
  • The problems that will arise, due to lack Productive skills.
  • Best tips that help for improving Productive skills.
  • The benefits of Productive skills.
  • Conclusion

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As we know, we all have 24 hours a day. But still, How some students work efficiently in their academic career, manage proper time whereas others can not. How could some of them give brilliant performances and handle all activities at a specific time but others don’t? 

This is a common question that arises in every student’s mind who is less productive.


What is the key reason behind this?

No worries. Am here to give you 101% workable tips for you to improve your productive skill. And Can you believe that if you implement these amazing tips in your daily life, surely you can find a better version than before?

First of all, we will know the exact meaning of productivity Skill.

Definition of productivity skills

In simple language,

Productivity skill is the ability to work efficiently in a specific period of time and produce a better output as compared to your input. 

According to Wikipedia,Productivity skill is the efficiency of the production of goods or services expressed by some measure.’

Measurements of productivity are often expressed as a ratio of aggregate output to a single input or an aggregate input used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input, typically over a specific period of time.

Productivity is the way of measuring success and failure. 

According to Dan.S Kennedy,

Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner to calculate to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.

You have noticed clearly that each definition has mentioned quality words that are efficient, deliberate, time management about productivity. Right?

Productivity skill is not about getting work done, but the efficiency and consistency with proper time management that’s involved.

Being efficient and consistent means doing, at every moment, what we consciously choose to do and not what we feel we are doing forced by circumstances. Productivity means accepting a personality for continued improvement.

Hope you have a better understanding of the meaning of productive skills. Now I think it is very important for us to know why some students need to improve their production skills. What are the problems they will face if they don’t have these skills?

Problems that arise due to less productivity

1. Become a slow mover

Productivity skills keep you upgraded. If you are productive, you can work faster and better. But those who don’t have productivity skills always suffer and move slowly.

2. Unable to compete the world

The world is changing rapidly. Technology is booming. Here if you don’t be productive you can’t compete with the world.

3. Hard to find true purpose

Productive students are focused on work and great in time management. They know what work is to be done and how much time should be invested. Being on a path towards your goal will give purpose and meaning.

4. Hard to decide your next move

You have noticed some students have just stopped. They just don’t know how to start, how to work, because they have no particular goal and activities to do. They confuse how to manage and how to prioritize work and what is their next move.

5. Always worry for time and have a rigid mind

This is a common and serious problem which most students suffer from who are less productive. If an exam is coming they could not prepare, how to make an appropriate schedule and how to manage time. How they invest their intelligence according to time. They aren’t able to understand and become worried. 

6. Find less opportunity

Time management and utilizing time effectively is the main key to being productive. If any students care about their time and invest time in the perfect way, they can explore themselves and find infinite opportunities to succeed. But less productive students don’t get this chance.

7. Indiscipline life

Targeting short and long-term goals. Achieving that by dedication in great time management and updating yourself is bringing discipline in life. On the other hand, those who are less productive are just undisciplined in work.

8. Can not explore own potential

If someone tries to explore their potential he must involve and participate in other activities like computing, singing, playing, observing, experimenting with science, and test their interest and abilities. And this is possible if you will get sufficient time to explore. And this happens when you have productive skills. Otherwise, you can’t explore your potential.

9. Unable to find out true passion

To know your true passion and interest zone, You must be acquainted with many activities and hard skills. This happens when you invest time in yourself. So if someone doesn’t have proper time management skills and productive skills, this will be hard for them to choose passion.

10. Low confidence

This is a natural thing which surely you have noticed. Some students are so updated in class whether in class performance, knowledge and homework, and tasks. And they are so confident. This confidence is coming because they are up to date and this is happening because they know how to manage time and be productive. But in other cases less productive students have less confidence.

Hope you realize the problem that happens if someone doesn’t improve productivity skills. 

So now I am going to show you some basic tips that help you to be more productive.

Are you curious to know about that! Let’s go!

Tips that help you to be more productive

1. Set your weekly Goals

For becoming more productive, set your goals weekly. What work or tasks needs to be done this week? Note that. This will help you be more responsible. And tasks will be more visible.

2. Decide your Priority

After setting weekly goals. You should divide that task according to your priorities. It means when work needs to be done. If your project presentation occurs next week. You have to start preparation from this week. In this way, you manage your work on the basis of priority.

3. Organize your Goal

Most of the students prefer multitasking work for improving productivity. 

Multitasking is good but it gives confusion, frustration if work is not done properly. There is a chance of low productivity also if you don’t know how to multitask at a time.

So, in this case, organizing your goals means that if a big task is ahead, break that big into small tasks. Go for it.

4. Manage your Time Properly

Time management during work is the most important part of being productive. If you don’t know how much time is taken for which work, time will flow unnecessarily. So fix your time according to your efficiency.

5. Manage distraction

During work time off your notifications. Side with all disturbing elements which will try to stop you.

Hope that these basic tips will surely help you to become productive.

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How to develop a productive skill?

Now we will know the tremendous output of ‘productive skill’ and perhaps you have realized how productivity matters a lot for you. The following are some of the key benefits of being a well-productive student.

Benefits of productive skills

1. You can find your true Purpose

First of all, if you set a goal, it means you’ve set out in a certain direction. You are now on the path. Being on a path towards your goal will give you purpose and meaning.

2. Know where you are going

The next benefit of being productive is that when you become productive you will know where you are going. What is the exact path you will follow? Most students don’t know their true purpose and what to do. This is the biggest lesson in a learning career. If we don’t know why this is, then how will we reach our goals?

3. Make you relax

The third benefit is that Being productive helps you to be free of worry, a relaxed mind, and the endless running around of not knowing where to go and where to focus your attention. This sense of clarity will allow your mind to fully focus on the path ahead of you.

4. Can assume speed breakers

Another benefit is that you have a proper metric of analysis and evaluation of what is being needed for your path to reaching your goals. Which hurdles or disturbing elements are trying to fail you in your direction? You have proper data to assume them.

5. Get a Balanced life

Productive skill helps you to be aware of what’s going on in your surroundings. It improves your proactiveness. It helps you be able to choose when and how to react to others when they appear in your path and try to stop you.

6. You will have more opportunities

When you have put your efforts towards productivity, You will see more opportunities knock on your door. You will get lots of chances to improve yourself day by day.

Lastly but not at least, we can say

Hope you have a better understanding of what exactly productivity skill is. This article was just for a basic understanding. Now for a better understanding of how this skill matters a lot for you, you should visit our next articles. There you can now realize the essence of this skill-set and also come to know how to build this skill-set in the most possible way. So stay tuned with Chatshala. Wish you a Good Time!

Hope you understand what exactly productivity skills are. Also, you have got some ideas about how to improve this skill.

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Why does productivity skill matter a lot?

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