How to Develop your Communication Skills?

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If you have read our previous article, you have found a clear view of communication skills where we simply explain what is the exact meaning of communication skills, also you have found their importance. 

Now we will see in this section how to develop communication skills. 

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How to Enhance Communication Skill

1. Create a Communicative environment

You know it is highly recommended for providing a suitable environment (the right kind of soil, water, and minerals) for developing the full potential of a tree. Likewise, it is highly essential to create a suitable environment, where our children can learn and practice their communication skills.

Here are some points to keep in mind :

  • Give freedom to express their thoughts
  • Discuss with about particular problem
  • Motivate them to collaborate with others
  • Participate in science exhibition, quizzes section and debate competition also.
  •  Arranged Families get together and share Sweet moments.
  • Discuss ethical, cultural, scientific things about the native country, etc

2. Do Active Listening

To become a good communicator, it is important to be a good listener. Communication isn’t just about speaking; it’s also about listening and understanding effectively. It is very important to practice active listening, pay close attention to what others are saying and what is expected. if you do , you can easily develop your communication skills.

3. Do Motivate Students To Initiate And Engage In Conversation

You have noticed that some students don’t want to talk with others, they are full of shyness. In this case, we have to motivate them and talk to them lovingly. Think When a child doesn’t express their feelings, their thoughts when they face these kinds of problems and are more stressed than what we should do. In that case. We should motivate them and engage them in some kind of conversation. We can also offer support, scaffolding to establish stronger communication skills.

4. Describe your day

This is the best tip for improving communication skills in children on a daily basis and building a good relationship also. After waking up, wish your children a great day and when they go to bed encourage your child to tell you how the day went – in as much detail as possible. Ask, “What were the best and worst parts of the whole day?”  your good friend, what’s her name, and what were you both doing today. Ask interestingly. Don’t force them at all. Be friendly. This helps them to improve recall skills and sequential skills.

5. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are very helpful to start a conversation. Basically, children don’t like how much and Why type questions. I give an example: you ask, do you like cricket instead of why you like cricket. Open-Ended questions are generally much longer than one-word or two-word answers so they can greatly help the students to give their point of view on a certain topic.

6. Use Technologies

There are various apps that are dedicated to enhancing Communication Skills. From audiobooks to storytelling apps, you can use them to improve students’ communication skills. Students can listen to or read along with audiobooks to hear how the speaker pronounces and enunciates different words or phrases.

7. Teach Conversation Skills

Conversation Skills such as:

Body Language

Teach children when they express their opinion on a particular topic or their thought, they maintain their body language, they also express their language with the help of facial expression, hand, the eye also.

Eye Contact

Perhaps our eyes are the windows to our soul, but they are definitely a pathway to building a relationship and delivering clear communication. So we should teach our children how to make eye contact during conversation. Teach listening activities and don’t be disturbed during communicating.


Summarising skills is very important for improving effective communication. A summary is a concise overview of the most important points from a communication. Give students some stories and tell them to make a summary. And also in written form.


Paraphrasing means formulating someone else’s ideas on your own. This Skill is powerful for understanding the other person and yourself, and can greatly increase the impact of another’s comments. 

These small activities help for enhancing our communication skills and make it effective. Students can learn the foundational elements of conversation by watching films or videos of these interactions taking place.

8. Offer Group Presentations and Assignments

Offer group presentations and assignments which help students to sharpen their both oral and written communication skills. We should provide them a chance to take a class on a specific topic and discuss themselves. In this way, they can improve their Communication Skill.

9. Give Positive Feedback

The positive feedback encourages one to perform better in all the possible fields. Giving positive feedback is an essential part of promoting effective communication in students. It has been shown that students that receive praise are more likely to trust that they can achieve tasks and be successful. Another advantage of positive feedback is that it can help to build a student’s confidence, supportive ambiance, and create a good harmony.

10. Offer Reflective Learning Opportunities

Recording students reading selected text or group presentations are an excellent method for assessing their communication strengths and weaknesses. Students can reflect on their oral performance in small groups. Then, ask each student to critique the others so that they can get used to receiving constructive criticism.

11. More Teamwork

It is also an essential way to improve effective communication in students. Doing group work and more team activities is an excellent way to get together and focus more on working to achieve great results. This way can motivate communication, collaboration, and cooperation and assist students in communicating more and effectively show themselves with their classmates.

12. Allow them To Share Opinions

To improve communication skills teachers must allow and give chances to every student to share their opinion about teaching. Encourage them to open up.  They become more comfortable and able to speak on any topic. Asking their opinions in the classroom will help them to develop communication skills. Teach students to share their thoughts in the classroom.

Lastly but not at least, we can say

You know what in this 21st century, better communication is the core skill of a person’s success in this new age. A better communicator can express well and ultimately succeed in the workplace. So it is highly recommended to help our children practice these skillsets for becoming future-ready. 

In this article, I have covered the essence of communicating skill and how we can improve it. And yes, if you want to know all the essential skillsets for the complete holistic development of your career, then please read our previous articles. And if you want to know anything in particular, then please let us know by commenting below. It’s our pleasure to assist you. Thanks! Have a great time!

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